This Is me

Creativity is at the core of what Alexandra Rose does, from her music, to acting, film making, writing and producing original work that is inspirational and thought provoking for her audience.

Alexandra started her performing addiction 14 years ago and her her love for performing and entertaining became a real., after Tantrum Youth Arts  grabbed her heart and she performed in her first play with them in 2014.. From here Alexandra has been an active member in Newcastle's theatre community through creating and performing in stage productions.  Over the past six years she has performed yearly with Tantrum in their major productions including five CONDA award winning plays. She has had a hand in directing stage productions including those for Short Play Festival Hissyfest, Step One and Doomsday, an experience that opened up her heart to stage directing. 

Alexandra has also been a part of film and media projects such as local singer song-writer Amy Vee's music video 'Red Desert Heart' by Walker Productions and many of Yak Media's Infotainment videos as a presenter. Over the past three years she has directed a handful of short films like 'Duality' (2018) and documentaries, 'Making Waves' (2017) as she carried out her BA in Communication at the University of Newcastle. Completing her Degree in 2018 she loved  building her behind the scenes skills in screen creation. 

Performing on stage as an actor is only part of what makes Alexandra Rose, she is also known for her song writing that draws on the Real Raw and Personal aspects of life. After falling quite expectantly into her love for song writing in 2011 she has continued to tell her story through music in the hope to inspire others to be dream big. With over 30 originals in her song book Alexandra performs around Newcastle in gigs including frequent appearances at Lizottes Live n' Local events. At the start 2018 Jopuka Productions approached Alexandra to write a song for their commissioned play 'Because There Was Fire' which was performed at Newcastle's Fringe Festival March 2018.  She had her debut EP released in May 2018 containing five of her original songs.s

Alongside her performing she trains young actors in stage performance and practice at Newcastle Performance Companies Hunter Drama, Tantrum Youth Arts and The Green Room. From these she was fortunate enough to intern for Off The Beaten Track's Short Film Course with Adam Saunders in October 2018.

In March 2019 she launched her small business Chasing Lions drama adventures, bringing workshops in connection, confidence and creativity to young people, creatives and business'. Check out the website for more of the Chasing Lions drama adventures story!

To be inspired is a beautiful part of life, but to be INSPIRING... Now that's a dream